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UK Cheese Marijuana


UK Cheese is a potent hybrid marijuana strain and phenotype of Skunk #1. This strain provides energetic, euphoric effects that allow for mental relaxation without sedation. Medical marijuana patients choose UK Cheese to relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, insomnia and inflammation


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The UK Cheese Strain, also known as Cheese weed is by far the biggest strain to come from the United Kingdom. The Second you get a whiff of it you’ll know why. The pungent cheesy smell will fill up the room in an instant and have you smiling. Originally bred by the Exodus Collective within the early 90’s, UK is an Indica dominant hybrid that actually accents plenty of sativa. As a result of inbreeding Skunk #1 we get a pungent, cheesy strain that keeps its lovers coming back for more and more. Buy Best UK Cheese Marijuana for Sale Online

Cheese Weed may be a feminine composition, meaning originally the strain was only available as a clone but now growers have been able to replicate the strain with seeds.

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For an Indica dominant strain, at an 80/20 ratio we get a very balanced high. The effects extremely hit fast, with a sensational rush of euphoria filling you up quickly. An corroborant expertise, UK Cheese Marijuana has plenty of depth to it. Coupled with associate upbeat and happy high we tend to got a awfully powerful body desensitizing result. But don’t let this numbing effect fool you, most users don’t experience laziness. The creativity that stems from UK Cheese will get you up and moving around if you allow it to. Buy Best UK Cheese Marijuana for Sale Online

UK Cheese Marijuana for Sale

UK Cheese Marijuana is great at ridding medium to heavy pain with its exceptional body numbing properties and effects. Patients who are looking to alleviate stress have also found comfort in this strain. Cheese weed is additionally nice for gap your appetency and sleep disorder because it produces lots of hunger and drowsiness once the high is over. This strain is recommended for patients who have experience with strong medication and desire a more full body effect. Buy Best UK Cheese Marijuana for Sale Online

Flavours: Cheese, Earthy, Pungent

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric, Giggly

Medical: Stress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Fatigue

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