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The generic name of Lunesta is Eszopiclone. This is a sedative that treats a certain sleep problem which is insomnia. It helps you relax and fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How To Use Lunesta?

Lunesta is only used for short term periods, approximately 1-2 weeks or less. If you are experiencing insomnia for a longer time, consult your doctor if you need other treatment.
It is always important to read the leaflet included provided by the pharmacist or doctor. If you have any questions, ask them directly. Take the prescribed dosage by your doctor. Advisably, just before going to bed and do not take it with or right after eating a high-fat or heavy meal because it might not take effect.
The dosage will be based on your age, medical condition, liver function as well as how you respond to the treatment. Do not take more than the described dosage to reduce the risk of serious side effects.
Normally, the starting dose is Lunesta 1 mg at bedtime as directed and may increase up to 3 milligrams. It is advisable not to do any activities the next day that requires alertness. Do not stop your medication without talking to your doctor. When you use it regularly for a long time or high dosage and suddenly stop it may cause withdrawal reactions such as vomiting, nausea, flushing, shakiness, cramps, and nervousness. In this case, your doctor will decrease the dosage gradually. Inform your doctor about any withdrawal reactions. Buy Lunesta Online Without Medical Prescription (Rx)

Why Buy Lunesta Online?

It is less expensive to buy Lunesta online. Regular pharmacies charge higher prices due to several factors including taxes and space rentals. Nowadays, people prefer to buy Lunesta online since it is more accessible.

Is It Safe To Buy Lunesta Online?

It is safe to buy Lunesta online from a well- established and reliable pharmacy like True Life Meds. We are one of the few online pharmacies that deliver your package discreetly and hassle-free.

Lunesta Side Effects

Lunesta has side effects as all other medications do. The following are the common effects experienced by patients:

-Dry mouth
-Unpleasant taste
-Difficulty with coordination
-Cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing or sore throat.

Inform your doctor of any serious side effects including memory loss and mood/mental/ behavior changes. Get medical help if you are experiencing any allergic reactions as well.


Disclose all information about your medical history and other drugs that you are using. It is not advisable to combine this drug with alcohol or marijuana because it can make you sleepier. Wait for at least for 8 hours before doing any activity that will require alertness or efficiency.
Older adults need to be careful with the side effects of Lunesta like dizziness, confusion, and unsteadiness. There’s a higher risk of falling.
Always consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding this drug. Discuss all the side effects and benefits before taking any.

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